IT Consulting,

In an increasingly competitive environment, it has become essential for any company to equip itself with innovative or IT solutions in order to remain competitive. To this end, the intervention of an expert in this field is indispensable. How to find one? And, what are the services you can benefit from? Follow the guide.

An expert to build up a fleet of high-performance equipment

The computer equipment as well as the devices used in companies contribute to its development. Well chosen, these can considerably increase its performance. By providing your staff or employees with high-quality and innovative equipment, they will be able to work efficiently. Their motivation is also boosted. This will have a positive impact on their productivity.

There is a multitude of IT devices and products on the market. An expert in the field can help you choose the right IT equipment for your company, taking into account your business, your needs and your budget.

This is where SOPHONIE accompanies you with the portfolio of its experts.

An expert for the implementation of IT solutions related to communication

The professional world is going digital. Digitisation allows the company to become more efficient. Information becomes more accessible. And processing is made easier. To benefit from all the advantages of digital transformation, call on an expert in the field. He will choose the right solution for your company to manage your server. Since it stores all your company data, it is essential that it is efficient.

In order to improve communication within the company, in addition to digitalisation, another solution to be implemented is the migration to IP telephony or Internet Protocol. This consists of running your telephone lines over the Internet. This requires a good Internet connection, as well as a certain investment in equipment. Of course, this can be expensive to start with. On the other hand, you can expect a quick ROI or return on investment. In one year of use, you can already recover the cost of your investment. IP telephony also has many other advantages. Because it is not tied to analog lines, calls can be made wherever the user is. In addition, all means of communication can be linked under a single line (fax, telephone, computer for videoconferencing, etc.). Call in an expert to set up this solution.

An expert specialized in security systems

While digitisation offers a large number of advantages for the company, it also leads to new risk scenarios. For example, hacking, which results in the loss of data, can be very expensive for a company. It could even threaten it completely. In order to avoid such a situation, it is important to implement effective security solutions. To this end, experts specialized in this sector offer various solutions such as the installation and configuration of a firewall, the installation of an antivirus, the updating of all the software used, etc.

However, piracy is not the only security risk a company can be exposed to. It can also fall victim to theft of equipment, etc. In order to remedy this, professionals in the sector can, for example, install video surveillance systems, install a badge reader to control access to your premises, an alarm system, etc.

SOPHONIE accompanies you throughout the process of choosing the best network equipment and also the equipment for video surveillance systems such as alarm systems.

How to choose your expert in computer and digital solutions?

There are many IT and computer rental offers on the Internet. This makes it difficult to select the right service provider who will implement the IT and digital solutions necessary for your company. However, this is a crucial step, since collaboration can usually be long-term. To avoid unpleasant surprises, our experts are there to help you verify the specialization and expertise of the service provider.